Empire Pest Management has solutions for your pest issues at home or work. Pests we treat are:

  • Spiders (webbing and non webbing)
  • Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Wasps/Bees
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • End of Lease treatments
  • Ants

*Please give us a call or email if you have any other pests that are not mentioned above that require management*


General Pest Treatment:

We treat your property Inside and Out for Web Spiders, Silverfish and Cockroaches (excluding termites and German Cockroaches). We treat external, internal, roof void and sub-floor. Clotheslines, fences, patios, sheds, garbage bins and letterboxes are also treated.


We treat your property internal and external including sub-floor and roof-void as well. It is important that you also contact your vet in order to achieve effective flea control. Wash your pets bedding in hot water also. Please vacuum and cut your grass prior to our arrival.

End of Lease Treatment:

We treat for fleas which is required when vacating your rental.


We inspect your properly thoroughly for rodent activity. We use baits and traps to eradicate the rodents. Rodents can cause destruction in your roof void, especially electrical wires. Rodents also carry diseases and contaminate food utensils and supplies.


We thoroughly inspect your property. Ant treatments generally include dusting,  spraying and baiting. We treat inside and out to help eradicate the ants invading your home or work space.


We make every effort to not kill bees as we understand their importance in the environment. However sometimes relocation in impossible. These treatments are usually carried out early morning or late afternoon when the bees are resting to ensure the colony is removed.

German Cockroaches:

We treat your property for German Cockroaches using a variety of methods. Neglecting to fix a cockroach problem can result in health issues. We recommend you get the help from Empire Pest Management to protect you and your family from cockroaches.